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Husband wants to share

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You bring the poppers and your mouth m4t m4t Tried this for the first time at cv and it was the most explosive time I Husband wants to share had to date. So, here's the dilemma. Please send wsnts picture with your reply and your basic information. I am Fucking hookers Cranston, brown hair, green eyes, athletic build and likes to have some fun. Very clean.

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During sex, my husband regularly envisages and shares his thoughts with me about his desire to witness me making love with another man. For the longest time I thought it was crazy but now I'm considering it. We've been together since college. He wants to find 20something guys to. Why would my husband want to see me with another ma and then still is sacred to you, why wAtch her share that intimacy with someone else.

How do you feel about this? Would you be willing to be with another man to fulfil your Husband's fantasy?

I fo never been in this position, but I Huzband be upset if my partner would be willing to "share" me with someone else. One other thing, Covington sex personals you do decide to do this, will it stop here, or will Husband wants to share Husband take your compliance as open season for other things? If you sleep with another man, will that give him the ok to sleep with another woman?

Will he want to start partner swapping or have 3somes?

I think if you start delving into these things you are going to cause a whole load of trouble for your marriage. Hi shellyf62 thanks for the reply. Well as I previously stated, it was very arousing to begin with for both my husband and I, Husband wants to share as I began to suspect that Husbnd may actually want these fantasies to become a reality, it did start to unnerve me somewhat.

There are two sides to the coin in this situation. On one side I feel incredibly flattered that my Husband wants to share stills finds me attractive too to wish to see me having a sexual encounter with another man, and it also makes me feel incredibly sexy when we fantasize about it together.

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If this were Husband wants to share become a reality then there would be an element of desire on my side to make my husband sexually aroused watching me Husband wants to share intimate and knowing how it makes him feel. The other Husbanc of the coin is like you say, it could develop into other things and damage our happy marriage. Maybe it's because our marriage has been so perfect and conventional that it all uHsband so arousing for him.

He hasn't mentioned swinging, other women or sleeping with anyone else. It seems evident that the only fantasy on his mind is seeing me with another man.

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In all honesty I really Husband wants to share you both should keep it as a fantasy. If he says it's just a fantasy, I'd take his word for it. If you really do it, it is no longer a fantasy, it's reality, and could have terrible results.

Keep up with the role playing or whatever you're doing and don't go any further with it. Talk about striving to find something wrong, Op. I suggest you believe him when he tells you that he doesn't want to see you ACTUALLY bedding another man and you get on with Husband wants to share lovely wans together.

While you contemplate that, ask yourself why you have a need to fear something when Husband wants to share actions are clearly showing you that you needn't worry. Are you sub-consciously wanting to fulfil this mutual "fantasy" that was, in the beginning so fulfilling for the two of you?

Originally Posted wnats ThatwasThen.

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All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved. Sitemap I want my husband to share me Tagged as: Speaking from experience We "spiced" things up.

I don't see how my husband's desire to share me sexually is 'normal.' I want him to stop. What should I do?" she writes. During sex, my husband regularly envisages and shares his thoughts with me about his desire to witness me making love with another man. Why would my husband want to see me with another ma and then still is sacred to you, why wAtch her share that intimacy with someone else.

For Hisband few years it was awesome at first. BUT, if you have underlying issues this will be the straw that ruins your marriage.

It will take over your thoughts. It will become the center of your sex life.

Your physical relationship should Husbnd an expression of your love for each other. We had a rock solid marriage. Kids, house, dog We introduced this "fun couple time" and it blew up.

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It became the centerpiece of our communication. Every time we went out and someone talked to her Each time you Husband wants to share it then you want to take another step. If she was in the mood to find someone and I wasn't then I would get pissed that she was "doing Husbsnd on her own".

If I was in the mood for it and she wasn't. She would get pissed "That is all you think about".

We only did the wife sharing thing. I wasn't interested in other women and no I am not bi.

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I can't tell you how much pain this caused. Once the "permission" is given you can't take it back.

You can't go back to how it used to be She ended up having a affair not with anyone we met as a couple.